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Jumaat, 30 Disember 2011

3 IDIOTS - all izz well .. ♥

Aloha ! so , mesti da rmi yg da tgk 3 Idiots ye dak ?? syue sadje yg ketinggalan zaman ?? sebabnya umah syue Astro xdan ?? sbb , mama n ayah takot anak dye dok melopong dpn tv tgk AF , segala bagai .. #protes.
dulu syue ad Astro , so mmg byk la film2 bru  , syue dpt tgk , sekarang ?? hanya tinggal kenangan .. abg syue ad sponsor nak psg Astro bru , tpi parents syue yg baik hati tu ttp xmau gak , parents syue ckp an , bkn abg yg tgk , t adik2 gak yg tgk .. #huwaaa ..
okey , syue da start melalut ttg Astro umahnya yg tiada .. #ayat.dajah.1

okey , mari kita mulakan dgn 3 Idiots synopsis .. :)
Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) and Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad "Rancho" (Aamir Khan) are three engineering students who share a room in the residence of Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). Farhan is studying engineering to pursue his father's wishes over his own wish — to become a wildlife photographer. Raju is studying to raise his family's fortunes and get them out of poverty. On the other hand, Rancho studies for his simple passion in machines and devices. Rancho believes that success in studying is not achieved by solely memorizing definitions given by textbooks or professors, but by understanding and applying the concepts. He believes that one should follow excellence, not success, as success will come itself if excellence is followed.
However, this different approach is sneered upon by the faculties, including the dean of the college, Professor Viru "Virus" Sahasrabuddhe (Boman Irani). In contrast, Virus' favorite student, Chatur "Silencer" Ramalingam, (Omi Vaidya) believes in mindless memorizing over understanding, in order to reach his goals of corporate and social status. Meanwhile, Rancho falls in love with Virus' medical student daughter Pia (Kareena Kapoor) when he, Raju and Farhan accidentally crash her sister's wedding banquet to obtain a free meal, which infuriates Virus. Virus labels Rancho and his friends as "idiots" and continually attempts to break Rancho's friendship with Farhan and Raju.
Things further escalate when the three friends drunkenly break into Virus's house one night to allow Rancho to confess his love to Pia, and urinate on the front door before fleeing. The next day, Virus threatens to rusticate Raju unless he squeals on Rancho. Not wanting to betray his friend or let down his family, Raju attempts suicide and ends up paralyzed. Following his recovery, Raju discards his fear of the future. Encouraged by Rancho, both Raju and Farhan gain courage to do what they were afraid to do before. Raju takes a frank approach in an interview for a corporate job, while Farhan convinces his parents to allow him to pursue his love of wildlife photography, both successful in their endeavors.
When Virus discovers that Raju successfully obtained a job offer, he conspires to prevent him from getting the job by creating an exam paper so tough that will deliberately fail Raju. When Pia learns of his plan, she helps Rancho and Farhan by providing them with the keys to her father's office. However, Virus catches them and expels them on the spot. Pia angrily confronts him, revealing that his son, Pia's brother, committed suicide when he could not get into ICE, like Virus demanded, even though he had no interest in engineering and instead wished to be a writer. At the same time, Pia's pregnant older sister Mona (Mona Singh) goes into labor. A heavy rainstorm cuts all power and floods the streets, making it impossible for the ambulance to reach Mona, and Pia is stuck at her hospital, where she had fled. Rancho, Farhan and Raju come to the rescue, along with other students from ICE. Over phone and webcam, Pia instructs Rancho to deliver the baby via VOIP. After the baby is apparently stillborn, Rancho resuscitates the baby by leading the students in saying "All is well". Virus reconciles with Rancho and his friends, and allows them to stay for their final exams.
Their story is framed as intermittent flashbacks from the present day, ten years after Chatur bet that he'd become more successful than Rancho. Having lost contact with Rancho, who disappeared during the graduation party and went into seclusion, after five years, Raju and Farhan begin a journey to find him. They are joined by Chatur, now a wealthy and successful professional in the USA, who is looking to seal a deal with a famous scientist and prospective business associate named Phunsukh Wangdu. When they find Rancho's house in Shimla, they find a completely different man: the real Rancho (Jaaved Jaffrey).
From him, they come to know that their friend was a destitute servant boy "Chhote" who loved learning, while he, the real Rancho, disliked study. After seeing the boy's intelligence, the family agreed to let the servant boy study in Rancho's place instead of laboring. In return, the real Rancho would pocket his qualifications and after graduating, the servant boy will cease all contact. The real Rancho reveals that Chhote is now a schoolteacher in Ladakh. At the same time, they find out that, without Rancho, Pia decided to marry the same price-obsessed banker that Rancho initially talked her into dumping, and they go to rescue her from the wedding.
Raju and Farhan find Pia and arrive at Rancho’s school. Pia and the fake Rancho rekindle their love, while Chatur mocks Rancho for becoming a lowly schoolteacher. He asks Rancho to sign a "Declaration of Defeat" document. When Rancho's friends ask what his real name is, he reveals that he is actually Phunsukh Wangdu himself. Chatur finds out about this and is horrified; he accepts his defeat and pleads his case with Phunsukh to establish the business relationship he was after.
*sesape yg xpaham bule pegi GOLATE (gugel trasnlate lettew ,..)
 so , korg da bce synopsis pjg berjela2 tu , skg kite cekidaut lak , pixca2 3 idiots yg sgt Hensem + Hebakk nie ..
cekidaut !!

OMG ! i luv u aamir khan .. #auww
 OMG ! i luv madhavan too #crazy.at.him

 luv dis pixca ! :)

 Mr.Virus , i hate u ,, hehe ..

 alolo , sho shweet ! :) farhan look hensem lorr .. #LIKEs

Sharman Joshi as a Raju Rastogi  .. lap u more laa ...


 kalo kat Malaysia , konpom da kene saman .. haha ..

 wow ! mabeles seyh .. hehe
                                                                                             hensem an ?? #angguk.3kali.
Aamir Khan Profile's :

Original Name:  Aamir Hussain Khan
Nick Name:  AK, Mr. Perfectionist
Date of Birth:  14 March, 1965
Birth Place:  Mumbai
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height:  5′ 5”
Weight:  74Kg
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Black
Marital Status:  Married
Religion :  Muslim
Hobbies :   Listening Old Music


Original Name : Kareena Kapoor
Nick Name:  Bebo
Date of Birth:  21 September, 1980
Birth Place:  Bombay, Maharashtra
Zodiac Sign:  Virgo
Height:  5′ 5”
Hair Color:  Black
Marital Status:  Single
School Days:  Welham Boarding  School, Dehradum
College Days:  Mithibai College, Mumbai
Education:   Boston College at U.S.A
Languages:  Hindi, English
before that , syue sertakan 3 Idiots ost , myb ad yg blm tgk an .. chaucincau .... layan ..

notakepalalutut : mahap, arinie tiada nota kepala lutut ! tq .. :)

k , baii , adioss , assalammualaikum ..

Tentag Dhia : finale yg super duper hebakk ! :)

Aloha ! huhu , so korg sume nye mest da tgk an , drama rantaian TV3 , Tentang Dhia , lakonan hebakk Adi Putra as Zikir n Nora Danish as a Nor Kamardhia (Dhia) ..
Omaigod ! ending yg ter-sangat sedih n best sgt .. citerr yg byk beri kita pengajaran ttg ajaran ISLAM n mne yg halal n haram .. :)
ACT , syue mule2 mne layan cite nie , juz tgk sekali imbas je , the terus sgkut + maut + berpaut #merepek ..
sue rse jln cite tersangat la super ohsemm yerr , kawan2 .. syue dpt bygkan kalo kite jadi mcm Dhia n Zikir tu (ngeri)

anyway , sblm syue terus membebel tak tentu hala mari kita saksikan kehebatan ganbar2 Tentang Dhia #saspens.tak.suda..

so , korg nak rate berapa untuk drama nie ?? syue mau bagi sebanyak yg bule  #gediks.daa.. :)
anyway , dorg nie nmpk mcm sgt comells , #auww ..
cube meng-imaginekan diri menjadi heroine n duduk di sebelah Zikir #OmaiGod!
bule tak u olls imagine an nie ?? kihkih

korg mmg 'hubby n wifey' yg sgt cute n adorable .. :)
Luv2 byk tok Zikir @ Adi Putra .. #LIKEs! 
 Lakonan Dhia teramat real rsenye , especially , time dye 'mati' last scene tu .. :)
rsenye tu aje gambar2 , yg syue jmpe , len sume mcm edit je tgk , tak jadi nak amik .. hehe .. anyway , jgn lupe saksikan Gemersik Kalbu lakonan hebakk Aqasha  n  Ayu Raudhah .. nantikan 2 Januari 2012 .. 

so , jom layan sekejap sinopsis  Gemersik Kalbu yg akan menanti anda untuk menjadi kan drama rantaian nie hits seperti Tentang Dhia .. hehe  #mcm.kat.klaz.BM.plak.. hehe
Mengenai  kisah suka duka Raihana, seorang wanita yang tabah mengharungi dugaan hidup sejak kecil selepas ditinggalkan dalam jagaan neneknya. Raihana bagaikan terkontang-kanting mencari kasih sayang dalam dunianya sendiri apabila neneknya meninggal dunia.
Pertemuan dengan Wan Ariffin, yang mempunyai kerjaya sama dengannya membenihkan bibit-bibit percintaan. Namun, setelah ikatan terjalin, Wan Ariffin pula pergi menyahut panggilan Ilahi. Raihana bagai terpukul, keliru dan terperangkap dalam kesengsaraan sendiri.
Kehadiran Sufian tidak memberi makna dalam hidup Raihana kerana baginya cinta bukan satu paksaan mahupun lahir atas rasa simpati. Sufian yang begitu bersungguh memenangi hati Raihana telah berjaya menjerat si gadis itu dalam satu ikatan perkahwinan. Namun, Raihana bersikap dingin dengan membiarkan perkahwinan itu sepi tanpa cinta kerana Wan Ariffin masih segar di hatinya.
Mampukah Raihana menerima keikhlasan dan kasih sayang Sufian, suaminya yang sah dengan sepenuh hati? Jangan lupa menantikan Gemersik Rindu yang akan disiarkan mulai 2 Januari 2012 pada setiap hari Isnin hingga Khamis, jam 7.00 malam.

Nota Kepala Lutut : seronok melihat lakonan retis2 malaysia o etc , sbb dorg bule pgg tgn yg bkn mahram nye , halal k haram yerk ?? #ce.cite .. hehe , jgn mara haa... natk tnye 1 lagi Q , knpe Slot Akasia nie pkul 7 , sdgkan time tu , merupakan time tok umat ISLAM menunaikan perkara wajib iaitu sembahyang Maghrib , tpi ad yg sggup WAJIBKAN drama slot Akasia n TIDAK WAJIBKAN solat Maghrib ..? sye takde niat nak menyinggung @ mempersoalkan ttg waktu tayangan , harap jgn saman saye , juz bertanya saje maa ...
k , baii , adioss , assalamualaikum ..♥

Khamis, 29 Disember 2011

Saye Suke Nie #auww ..

aloha korg , hmm .. rase mcmm da lme bebeno nye xhapdett entry baru , rnie baru nye nak nulis balik , tapi takde lerr , smpi berjela2 , cuma sepatah dua kata #cewahh
oke jom , cekidaut!
kalo diikutkan gambaq nie mau diedit kasi hebakk + baek punyaa , tapi dsbbkn poblem yg terlampau + halangan yg berliku2 #ayat.nak.power ..
terus je tak jadik nye nak edit , so inilah gambaq buruk yg ditangkap dlm keadaaan suram ya amat .. hehe
budak dlm gambaq tu pom , poyo banget seyh #grr
anyway , canteq nggak nsett gue ?? #bangge.lettew.
nset nie sobonar ae sis den #FATIN SYAFIKA NASARUDIN  yg boli an , tpi  mama n ayah with # FATIN SYAFINA NASARUDIN yg memboghi an .. kihkih ..
paham tak gak ae ?? kalo tak paham lantak kau lah , jang .. huahua
mahap la yo , entry kali nie , den tak tau nak bebel2 apo2 ntahh , entry kali nie , lobihh banyak menghaban + merepek + berjimba2 .. huahua

nota kepala lutut : syue mintak mahap la yerr , entry kali nie menggunakan loghat yg sgt tradisional #huahua .. lagipun ttbe rajin plak nak merepek segala bagai kat entry ni #wat.eva .. antara loghat yg ade ialah #BM.aq.A++.tau loghat penang + nismilan (hobin jang hobin) + bahase KL gak.. kihkih , so , korg bule la try pki loghat tradisional nie #saranan.yg.bagus.. jgn jadik nut forget da skin (kcg lpkan kulit daa) huahua.. ap2 pom , mintak mahap lagi yo .. #senga*

k , baii , adioss , assalamualikum .. 

Khamis, 22 Disember 2011

Result P.M.R : fatin nursyuhada nasarudin

Hmm , ramai da yg tnye result pmr aq bape ?? sorry guys , aq bkn xmau jwb bpe result aq tpi , sebaliknya yg berlaku .. myb korg akn ckp , bla bla bla dak fatin tuhh .. so dsni aq fatin nursyuhada nasarudin ingin MENGUMUMKAN bahwa aq bukan la candidates pmr's taon nie (2011) .. yess , korg myb pelikkan ??
oke , let me tell u samting , sbb musabab aq tak amik pmr taon nie .. :'(
ckupla kalo aq ckap aq sbnrnye ad SAKIT yg mnybbkan aq TERKANDAS tok mengambil PMR taon nie...
mesti korg tnye lgi , series bebeno k sakit dak fatin smpi tak bole nak amik PMR ..? Yess , mmg skit aq agak series tika nie , sehingga memerlukan operasi (operation) tpi , aq xmau laa .. besar risiko dye weyh  ..
 OKE  , aq rse ckupla  ap yg aq ckp , aq harap2 korang paham la yerr .. :)
aq bkn sengaje xmau cite2 pasal result aq yg TAK ADE tu ..
 aq xd niat nak nipu2 ble korg tnye ,  "cmne skola fatin ??" aq jwb oke je ..
aq tak tau nak jwb ap weyh ..
ini je result pmr aq .. tq ..
aq tak mintak simpati korg bie bace , ckupla korg doa aq cpat elok ye .. #amin ..
insy-ALLAH , kalo  ad rezeki nex yer , (2012) aq msuk skola sebgai student back .. hehe

nota kepala lutut : congrats tok skorg , PU3 , T-QAH , QILLA , MIRA , AZAM ,  SYAFIQAH , ATIKAH (M) yg len2 gak .. :)
p/s : sorry entry kali nie , agak kasar sbb perkataan aq ye .. :)
k , baii , adioss , assalammualaikum..

Selasa, 20 Disember 2011

For ChurpChurp Users ,, [Chupers]

 ALOHA !! entry kali nie syue mmg copycat sehabis mungkin kat belog sis Lyssa Secret
 syue amik entry nie sbb , syue mereupakan sal sorang chupers , n duit syue tak pernah nye nak naik #sodih.den
Jom kite cekidaut kenapa churpchurp kita tak naik macam sis Lyssa punye yang da sampai beriban-riban tuh .. #baca.sampai.habis.oke ..

Yang pertama
Niat korang tu . Niat semestinya kena betul tau ? Korang ada blog . Jangan terhegeh - hegeh pasang niat nak buat blog sebab "duit" ! Ingat tujuan asal korang buat blog tu . Kalau korang asyik fikir pasal duit je , Lyssa jamin , blog korang mesti akan "HANCUSSS" punya lah . Tak sampai sebulan , dah malas nak berblog ! Be cool , dear .

Yang kedua
Korang malas nak mengiklankan kempen churp - churp korang tu . Ehh , kalau nak sangat duit korang tu cepat naik lah kan . Kena rajin promote tau ? Jangan lah kata kat diorang .. Contoh macam dalam fesbuk lah kan . "Wey , klik sini jap!" . Haram orang nak klik . Hati orang mana kita tahu . Kot datang dekat hati yang busuk tu . Dengki ! Tak kan diorang senang - senang nak klik ? Ayat mesti kena manis , bro !

Yang ketiga
Selalu - selalu lah bukak link churp - churp korang tu . Tengok kempen ape yang ada ? PERHATIAN !! Kempen selalunya akan bertukar setiap hari tau . So , korang kena ALERT !
Kalau dekat blog , sesiapa yang letak gambar iklan macam TUTORIAL INI , kan korang wajib kena tukar gambar and link kempen terbaru . Kalau link lama tetap ada dekat blog korang , bila orang lain klik je , memang kompom duit tak kan bergerak ar . Sebab iklan tersebut dah tak perlu diiklankan . Ada paham ? Be Alert ! 

Yang keempat
Kalau korang tahu , sekarang ni orang dok kecoh pasal yang bila orang klik keluar banyak - banyak iklan dekat tab kita kan ? ada perasan tak ? Korang tahu , betapa bahayanya korang buat macam tu . Korang tak baca ke peraturan keempat dalam churp - churp tu . 
Pihak churp - churp kan dah larang . Kalau korang masik berdegil . Lyssa tak tahu lah nak cakap apa . tanggung lah sendiri eh ? Lyssa takot - takot earning korang memang cepat naik , tapi bila korang cashout nanti , takut pihak churp - churp akan banned / block korang daripada mendapat sebarang duit . Macam mana ? Payah ? or Parah ? Renung2 kan lan :)

Yang Kelima
Korang letak iklan kat blog suruh orang klik tu  , memang betul betul link kempen kan ? Bila orang klik iklan tu  , ada keluar MACAM INI tak ? Kalau ada , memang bagus lah . Tapi , kalau tak de , terpaksalah korang refer ENTRY INI untuk tahu lebih lanjut macam mana nak cari link tersebut . PERLU DIINGAT ! Duit churp - churp tak akan terus naik selepas klik iklan tersebut . Ianya kena tunggu iklan habis , baru akan keluar dekat Rewards korang bahagian kiri . So , jangan pulak tanya Lyssa , kenapa duit tak naik padahal saya dah suruh kawan saya klik . Bukan terus naik ye sayang , kena tunggu habis kempen atau 2 3 hari baru dia akan naik . Kadang - kadang sampai seminggu baru naik tau ?

korang da bace ?? so , chupers hoper u olls , paham knp kita punye duit tak naik2 , oke .. Korang jgn plak nak bwt blog , semata2 nak dpt duit dari semua link yg bule bwt oke , #NO3 ..

nota kepala lutut : 
credit to :  www.lyssasecret.com 
sorry sis , syue xapndai nk letak banner kat sini , syue juz pandai letak link aje .. bule kan ... :)

k , bai , adioss , assalamualaikum ..

Christmas Giveaway By Wani

Aloha !! arinie syue mau Join GA lagi !!! #seronok.tak.terkata ..
syue teringin nak join GA belogg nie sbb , owner dye sweet sgt .. hehe .. mne tau ad rezki syue kli nie, sblm nie kalo join GA xpenahnye nak menang , kali nie harap menang la .. :))
itu saje .. #belog.cik.wanie.sweet.laa #auww

belog wanisecrets
p/s : click sni jika anda mau men-joinkan diri .. :)
oke , jum bace syarat2 penting GA nie , kaloa nda semua mau men-joinkan dir anda .. #cekidaut

ANDA PERLU mem-FOLLOW belog cik wani : belog wanisecrets [follow da..]
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syue tag 3 org
i) mira
ii)Qaseh Nur Fathihah

oke , suda siap ebtry tok CHRISTMAS GA ..harap2 sgt dpt menang #baca.doa #amin..♥

nota kepala lutut : syue baru nak ber-jinak2 dlmGA  ♥ , segmen , contest nie , tapi syg , tak pernah menang , tapi syue tak give-up , still try selagi boleh ,, jyeah ~

k , bai , adioss , assalamualaikum ..

Sabtu, 17 Disember 2011

Cinta Elysa

Aloha !! syue tgk cite cinta elysa akhir aritu ending dye mcm xbpe best laa.. #mandai.aje..hehe .. saje je ckp cmtu .. hmm , ntah la , syue bkn pandai nk kritik2 nie ...
ape kte korg aje nilai sndri oke .. kite judge ikut idea msing2 bkn dgr org ckp o etc .. #cekidaut

#oke , mari jugde bersama2 .. :)
syue tak berniat hendak menjatuhkan kredibiliti drama nie oke , syue cuma minta pandangan n tolong jgn SAMAN syue yee , sbb syue xd duit .. kihkih :)

nota kepala lutut : arinie syue malas la nk bwt entry pepanjang n berjela2 , sbb , arinie syue nk g bce cerpen n novel scre online .. dmne tu syue (konon ad org ko syue , perasan tak suda dak nie) ??
d Penulisan2u .. :)
p/s : jgn lupe bce cerpen syue skli tau .. #penting

k , baiii , adioss , assalamualaikum

Khamis, 15 Disember 2011

Blogger Cantik + Sweet + Hebakk suda ber-engaged .. ♥

 Aloha !! 1st skli syue nk ucapkan tahniah kat blogger sweet kite
sudah selamat ber-engaged dgn Ahmad Buibui yg hensem + hebakk sgt ..
syue suke giler tgk dorg da ikatan yg syok sgt .. #syue.nk.gak ..
harap cpat kawen yerr .. xsabo nk tgk korg kawen .. #gedik.budak.nie
oke , mari kite tgk gambar sekita ceremony Eyka n Buibui pada 12/12/2011 ..
syue ambil dari blog sis Eyka #tak.curi ..

 Alolo , comey nye .. #like

 W'pom Eyka nmpk simple , tpi Eyka ttp gojess + ohsemm + adorable banget seyhh .. :)

 Semoga ALLAH memanjangkan jodoh sis Eyka n Buibui .. wish u happy ending , sis ..

 Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve..
You don't have to have a college degree to serve..
You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve..
you only need a heart full of grace..
a soul generated by love..

syue amek gambar2 nie dekat blog sis eykagadis ini KEKWAT ?  ..
syue tak berniat untuk mencuri atau mencurigakan ttg gambar2 nie ..
syue ltk gambar nie syue amik kat blog sis eyka .. harap tak SAMAN syue ye , syue xd duit tau .. #sedey ..
anyway , moga sis eyka n buibui cpt kawen pastu dpt baby .. #merepek.tak.suda :)
  amin .. ♥ :)

nota kepala lutut : agak2 bile syue nk jdi cam sis Eyka ?? teringin gak nak ad capel2 , pastu engaged2 , pastu suke2  nie #anak.sapela.nie .. perangai burok bebeno ..
hehe  .. tak ad kena mengena dgn org lain .. erk !! #merepek.tak.sudah ..
 k , bai , adioss , assalamualaikum

Pulling ur hair out cos u got no time to deal with d stressful details in ur life? Get more organized with #MSFamily

Pulling ur hair out cos u got no time to deal with d stressful details in ur life? Get more organized with #MSFamily
cekidaut !!

Now I can enjoy live home-screen widgets with Flash contents on my interface. Thanks #MYGalaxyW

Now I can enjoy live home-screen widgets with Flash contents on my interface. Thanks #MYGalaxyW

jum lah join , mne tau dpt byk duit .. cekidaut ..

Selasa, 13 Disember 2011



(click link nie kalo nak join)

Aloha !! yeyeh ,  syue tlah djemput .. syue join GA lgi .. #suke2 ..
(syue pilih kategori no 2)
syue mmg suke pakai kain (ikut tema) , syue nmpak ayu pakai kain (sah lah budak tak sedar diri)
kali nie syue nak sgt mng sbb , syue mmg nk kain polka dots di atas .. kenapa ??
sbb syue da lme mengidam kain nie(mcm org pegnant kau nie syue)
syue ad minta tlg mama belikan , tpi mama ckp MAHAL , n mama tak suke kain dot2 nie ..
syue pom diam aje la pastu , syue pom bkn ad duit nk bli kain nie ..
 aishh #sedih nye ..
sejak dari tu , syue da xd ckp nk beli kain polka dot nie lagi ..
tup2 tdi syue bkak blog ad kat shoutmix syue link yg nie geylang-shop-december-giveaway , syue p click link tu , n bce n bce scroll pnye scroll , n then syue terkejut n kemudian melompat mcm org gile (nasib baik katil syue xpatah .. hehe)
sbb , syue nmpk gambar kain polka dots tu ..
time tu gak syue bwt entry pasal GA nie .. eksaited tahap gajah liar (gajah liar kan sllu eksaited bile nmpk tanah , mcmtu lah syue pnye eksaited) :)  
syue nk kain polka dots tu , #tak.kire.nak.gak
*berdoa supaya dapat menang GA kali nie .. pliszz2 kamu jgn nakal ..Ehh2 , salah plak .. hehe
mne tau kalo syue mng , bule bwt baju kurung pastu , tayang kat sista syue .. hehe
Insy-ALLAH , kalo ad rezeki syue alhamdulillah .. :)
amin , ciap da ..


  1. Firstly, setiap peserta wajib meng"LIKE" fan page Geylang (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Geylang/245264608841334#). (da like)
  2. Ini bukan paksaan tapi untuk memudahkan if Geylang nak bagi sebarang announcement sebab semua announcement di letakkan di fan page sahaja. (okey)
  3. Then, baru buat satu entry di blog anda yang bertajuk  "GEYLANG-SHOP DECEMBER GIVEAWAY " (pass)
  4. Letakkan gambar Kain Cotton Polka Dots yang ada kat atas ni (WAJIB letak gambar or else, anda akan disqualified). (da letak)
  5. Dan jangan lupa letakkan link blog Geylang (http://geylang-shop.blogspot.com/) dan hyperlink kan. (sudah)
  6. Ada dua kategori cerita. First -> Pengalaman anda membeli belah secara online baik pengalaman manis atau buruk. Second -> Kenapa anda suka kain dan nak Kain Cotton Polka Dots ini. Jadi you guys boleh choose salah satu SAHAJA okay. jangan rajin nak buat sampai dua post. hahaha :D (syue pilih yang second)
  7. Link kan post anda tersebut ke comment box di bawah. (siap sudah)
 semoga rezeki Geylang Shop (blog) & Geylang (fb) murah rezeki n bertambah ramai customer nanti ..

alhamdulillah , siap pom , syue harap sgt dpt la , kain polka dots nie , sbb syue mmg mnat kat kain nie , dulu nak beli duit xd , then mama xbagi , kemudian xd rezeki .. :)
moga kegembiraan berpihak  pada syue kali nie .. :) ..
sekian .. assalamulaikum

Jumaat, 9 Disember 2011

Ouhh ! YANA SAMSUDIN !! ❤❤

Entry kali nie , syue nk cerita pasal aktres cantik , cute n ad lesung pipit iaitu , YANA SAMSUDIN !!
i luv u Yana !! I luv ur movie too .. :)
seriously , syue baru aje minat yana nie , so xbyk yg syue tau , tpi sbb mnat syue sggup search sume pasal yana .. #nak.tunjuk.lagak.kau,nie,syue
oke , jum kite tgk gambar2 cute yana ..
cekidaut !!

cantik nye yana !! like2

luv dis pixca !! ❤
Pixca yg menunjukkan Yana wit filem lakonannya .. hehe

Alolo , tomeynya Yana .. auww !! #haruslah ..
 Yana : rome , italy ..

 Yana & Mr. David Teo .. :)

OMG ! Yana mmg gojess giler la.. :)
Yana & Shaheizy Sam , kalo couple , mmg sweet .. hehe
*kidding only ..

Again ... hehe

Yana as Kak Yong Manja in Biniku2 Gangster .. luv ur acting .. ❤

OMG ! u look sweet in pink n white .. ohseemm .. ❤ 

Harus Love , Yana ...
like this ..

oke , da puas anda melayan gambar si Manis Yana ?? hehe , actually , syue nk ckp samting ckit , syue ambik pixca2 nie kat fb n blog yana ..
syue tak berniat nak mencurigakan mencuri , juz nak bwt lawatan pameran pixca2 Yana aje kat sini .. SWEAR !! :)

Sblm entry kali nie tamat , jum kita cekidaut profile Yana Samsudin yg cute lgi gojess + awesome nya .. enjoy ..

: Norliana Binti Samsudin
: Yana Samsudin
: Libra
: 25 September 1984
: Yong Peng, Johor.
: Bachelor of Creative Technology (Screen Arts) (Honours) UiTM

Aku Ada Kau Ada (2012)
Minyak Dagu (2012)
 3 Temu Janji (2012)
Adnan Sempit 2 (2012)
8 Jam (2012)
Bini – Biniku Gangster (2011)
KongSi (2010)
Aku Masih Dara (2010)
Adnan Sempit (2009)
Histeria (2008)

Drama / Telemovie Cast :

3 Janda
Nurin Qistina
Awan Dania
Cinta Balqis
Adnan Sempit Siri
Suri Bakawali
Siti Kelembai
Love Nora
Mak Pengantin Tak Popular

 credit to :    yanasamsudin.fanpage & http://www.yanasamsudin.com/

nota kepala lutut : kalo syue nie boy , syue pom sangkut Yana gak .. hehe .. luv u Yana !! auww .. tetiba rasa teringin nk jadi pelakon plak , nak belakon ngan Yana .. hehe  #muke.xmalu.la.syue.nie sekiranya syue menjadi pelakon pasti drama @ filem itu xakan menjadi box office o ape2 pom kerna syue xpandai belakon n pasti menyerupai bkn btg penyapu , tpi mcm org yg tgh thn nk terk*ncing ketika berada dlm keadaan yg sesak .. entry kali nie merupakan entry special tok Yana Samsudin saje kerna syue minat kat Yana .. #sumpa.syue.xtpu.tau
p/s : ad k rupe org cmtu ?? hehe ;)
Haruslah Love Yana

k , bai , adioss , asslamualaikum

Gambar Romantis lagi comel di atas katil ❤❤

Kali nie entry pasal hubby n wife wit little cute baby .. :) I luv this pixca damn much ..

Memang romantis sungguh melihat pasangan suami isteri ni apabila dah ada anak sulung. Sheikh Muszaphar dan Dr. Halina tlh m'ambil 1 sesi photoshoot yang sgguh indah dan bermakna skli .. Mmg pada mulanya melihat hanya mereka berdua sahaja d iatas ktil , tpi tup tup ada si kecil punya kaki di hadapan.

 ❤❤ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar , Dr. Halina & Sophea Isabella  ❤❤
sweet nye korg kan.. syue nk gak cmnie .. :) #angan.tak.sudah
kpd yg bru ad baby let'st try do this .. myb tu cre bru kte nk tjukkn kasih n syg kite ..
anyway , tabik spring kat Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar n Dr.Halina serta little baby Sophea Isabella ..
nice photoshoot i've seen .. auww  ❤❤ 
nota kepala lutut : sangat menyukai anak korg ye , Sophea Isabella , nice name .. #i.like  ❤❤
 k , bai . adioss , assalammualaikum
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